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Meet Flamyx the brave dragon hero that is on a quest to melt down the evil king Eis attack. King Eis is a ruler of an ice planet and he despises everything warm and sunny. One day he spotted the Earth. The hotness and the shining rays of light were driving king Eis crazy so he decided to pursue an attack versus our planet to transform the Earth into an ice cubicle. In the face of imminent danger, the Earth needs a hero, someone to melt down the attack and to ensure Earth’s safety. The alien attack awakes our fire-breathing hero from his sleep deep in the Earth crust.


Flamyx the Dragon is a jump & run game with colorful gameplay, unforgettable character, and 2D platform physics! Become Flamyx the Dragon, a charming creature, that runs, jumps, collects artifacts, solves problems, activates superpowers in a quest to stop the evil King Ice and his wicked followers from transforming your green and sunny planet into an ice cubicle. All this action takes place in 45 singleplayer missions with diverse themes and 5 multiplayer missions with unique cooperation mode and special spaceship theme!


Petar Raykov

This is my first game that I started to design in 2011 and took 7 years to get to this state. This is a side project that I am proud of and happy to introduce to you.

During the daytime I am a software engineer in a big international company, during the night I am yet another lone wolf game designer. I live in Sofia Bulgaria, born on the seaside in Burgas Bulgaria. I started this endeavor as a way to get into the software developing world as a fun way to learn but in time this project became a game that I love.

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